Friday, March 26, 2010

Here are some quick shots of the baby's room. dustan and I had a lot of fun painting and decorating it. I don't have any pictures of the room with the crib and bedding all set up, but you will just have to come on by to visit...

Houston Baby Shower

Here are a couple of shots from the Houston Baby Shower that was throne for us back on March 13.
As you can see... some of the family thinks it will be a girl and some think it will be a boy. Dustan was told if the baby was a boy he was expected to wear the dress any way:)... I don't know if we can come through with that promise, but it has been a lot of fun hearing everyone's opinions on the matter.
We had a great time visiting with family and celebrating the coming baby:

Another Baby Shower...

It was so much fun guys! All of my family got together and helped us celebrate the baby coming. We received an awesome assortment of gifts.

The room is coming together nicely and there should be pictures soon. I can't seem to find my USB connector that goes to my camera. I have pictures from the Shower down in Houston as well, but they are trapped in my camera at this time:)... The baby is coming soon and we are getting ready.

Oh to know the date, I could plan plan plan and know that everthing would be done on time.