Monday, November 18, 2013

What a great Sunday

Yesterday after a great time at Church we ate lunch outside, then Dustan and Sophie grabbed a football, and Lily and I sat outside in the shade while the ball was passed around.  
It feels like a long time since they have played outside with their dad, the girls were both giddy to say the least.  (I was pretty giddy myself.)
Dustan left for work, Sophie attempted a nap, and Lily tried her hand at sneaking into the room to wake up Sophie.  After coming to the realization that Sophie was not going to nap, we all went outside and played with chalk and pretended to fish.  Lily did nap, and I made a crazy potato, cheese, and chicken casserole for dinner, which Dustan made it home in time to eat.  Then it was time for some football watching, and baths.  
It was a great day!