Friday, April 5, 2013

A rainy day (good for digging in the mud)

Yesterday was rainy and cold!
We however, had a great time outside digging in the mud, and moving paving stones.
Lily wouldn't let me put her down.  I didn't mind too much.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A tired day

I don't like posting when I'm tired.
I tend to focus on the negative when I can't get out of the fog.
So lets remember the amazing things that happened yesterday.
-Waking up (always a good thing)
-Both my girls wanting to cuddle with me.
-Food in the house (I have a great husband who went shopping for us on Sunday night after we got back from Houston.)
-A shower (enough said)
-My 2 year old can go to the potty by herself
-I got to teach an art lesson to kids that wanted to learn something
-I got paid for the art lesson
-Dinner was made (and eaten)
-No screaming during bath time
-Dustan got home before I was in bed

So really it was a pretty incredible day,
(but I'm still tired today)

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Great Easter Weekend!

Dustan, the girls, and I went down to Houston to visit Dustan's family for the Easter weekend. 
We had a fantastic time with family and friends, On Saturday we had 10 little ones under the age of 8 come over to my mother in laws for a big egg hunt.   We had prizes for the kids, died eggs after the hunt, and then the kids got homemade popcorn followed by a ice cream shake, while watching a movie.  I thought to myself, "this a how memories are made".
On Sunday, we missed Church in order to go by and visit Dustan's Grandma D.  She is a wonderful light of a lady.  We are better for knowing her, and I am so happy we got to see her this weekend.  Grandma D has been diagnosed with cancer and she has been fighting it with vigor.  I love this picture, because I think it shows just how much fun we all were having.  We love you Grandma D. (Also known as Grandma GG according to Sophie).
The drive there and back were pretty crazy, (Potty Training), but, we made it without any accidents!