Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So, no Tinkerbell on Wednesday.  I picked up Sophie from day school with a diaper on, but I have faith my little girl will be watching the newest Tinkerbell before I can blink.
Lily has been occasionally eating solid food, and we tried carrots yesterday.  She loved them.  I poured some on her tray, and she made her own masterpiece.
Dustan came home from the golf tournament, and you could feel the excitement from the girls when he walked in the house.
I was just reminded from a friend as I told her of the many times I was up last night with Lily, what a blessing it is to have that problem.  I love these girls so much, and to have their Daddy is a gift I forget to be grateful for sometimes.

Monday, March 11, 2013


So Lily was born Sept 14 2012.  Life has been crazy wonderful since then.  The Latest news in the Thrift household is Lily is super fussy and wanting to eat every couple of hours, chewing on everything and anything (see above pic), and has moved into the guest room to give mommy and daddy a break at night.  The trick of moving her into the guest room hasn't really worked for mommy, because I still have to get up to feed her.  Daddy, however, seems to think its a good idea.  Dad is at a golf tournament, so its just me and the girls for a few days.  Sophie is doing great at Potty training. She gets a reward for going in the potty (Curious George is our best friend right now).  If we come home with a dry pull up today, we may rent Tinkerbell ( I have not decided yet) Hope to give further update next time.