Friday, June 21, 2013


We got to go swimming at a friends house yesterday.  I am so proud of my Sophie.  She was timid at first, but soon found that she could go around the pool all by herself.  I am looking forward to not having to watch her so closely once she learns to swim by herself.   Currently my stress level rises every time we get near any body of water and Sophie is not right by my side.  That should not last to much longer.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


So today I had a long lunch with my husband to pick out new tile for the shower in our master bath.
I love my husband, but I do not like shopping with him.
I have this idea that someday in the far off future we will need to make a decision together, and we will not huff, puff, grunt, or be angry in any way.  As of right now, we have not discovered that skill.
At the end of our time at Home Depot we did leave with tile we are both happy with, but it's the getting there that is so hard.  I am a planner, and my husband is not.  He felt that writing out the dimensions of the shower would be plenty of planning. So, as I stood by waiting for him to figure out how many we needed of a certain size, I thought about what I would have done. I would have done all the math, and figured out exactly how many of each size and style of each possibility we might need.  Then go over that about eight times before we even left the house.  
I have to laugh at the differences between us.
If we were the same I might never laugh, and over all there is a lot of laughter between the two of us.
Thanks for picking out tile with me, and being patience when my planning goes a little over board.
I love you-