Friday, March 22, 2013

A couple of days

The last few days have been beautiful outside, and the girls and I have had a lot of fun just running around in our back yard.  Sophie had a crazy dirty face from playing outside at school, but of course wanted to go right back outside when we got home.  I got this pic. and just love it.

Lily slept a big 12 hours yesterday, but last night decided that mom and dad needed to hang out a little bit more than the night before:) As tired as I was, man its is great to see that little one smile up at you.

We had crazy hat day at Art on Tuesday, so I think Sophie wanted to have her own crazy topper. She put her hair up and insisted that I take a picture, so here you go Sophie.  

We love piglet.  Lily stole a little stuffed piglet from Nana and Grampa Ralph last weekend, and has not put it down for very long since.  She loves it so much. I watch her hold it, talk to it, and hug it.  I think it might be her best friend right now.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday feels like a Monday

So, I have Tuesdays off work, but that doesn't mean there not jammed packed full of things to do.
Yesterday I took the girls to Lily's 6 month check up.  She passed all the test with flying colors, and took her shots like little one should, with tears and crying.  Sister Sophie went to the potty twice while we were there, (it was a big potty so we sat sideways and hung on).  When we got home with our McDonald's lunch the plumbers were there to fix our bathtub pipes.  Lily fell asleep, regardless of the noise, and Sophie kept yelling hello to the asst. plumber as he walked back and forth from the house to the truck, but he would not acknowledge her, so she just kept yelling louder hoping he would hear her from the table while she ate.
The plumbers finished mid day (yahhhha), so Soph went down for a nap, and I started to get ready for Art Lessons.  It was crazy hat day so I made the plans for some crazy hats for the kids to make and they all came in their own crazy hats.  Sophies baby sitter brought Corn Starch and a pan to make Gack, so there was a huge mess to clean up after the Lesson regardless of the babysitters best efforts to clean it up herself.  Then dinner (Leftovers anyone?).  Sophie had not gotten to play out side much, so after dinner the three of us march outside and enjoyed the last sunlight of the day before bed.
Dustan came in as I was filling the bath with bathwater, and we got the girls bathed and in bed.  It was a long day but a really blessed one.  No pictures today, but maybe tomorrow.
Sophie had a small accident at School on Monday, but we came home in Panties, and are in Panties again today!  My little girl is no longer a baby (but I still love her like she is).

Monday, March 18, 2013

What a great Spring Break

We had a great time just enjoying each other!  Dustan was able to stay home on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (needless to say that hasn't happened in a while).  

On Friday, we played in the yard while enjoying the beautiful weather down here in Texas.  Both girls were exhausted  when it came time for naps, and we even splurged and walked to the movie store, where dad picked out the New Tinkerbell movie we were saving for the day Soph came home dry from School, and I couldn't say no.  So we sat down together and watched Tinkerbell. 

On Saturday, we went to see Nana and Grampa Ralph.  The girls had a play date with the grandparents, while Dustan and I went to lunch and shopping for things we won't be able to buy for a long time, but it is fun to pretend. We got home late, ate a Daddy made dinner which was fabulous, and went to bed.

On Sunday, Dustan was suppose to put up the shower walls while the girls and I went to church, but when we got home... no go.  After looking under the bathtub, he realized there is more to do before those walls can go up.  So still no shower in my master bath:), but we were able to play all day, and enjoy daddy some more.  

Over all it was a break to remember.  Boy, I sure do love my family.

P.S. We woke up this morning, and decided Sophie would try to go to school in "pantie panties" today.(That's big girl underwear for those not in the Thrift household) we will see how we do.