Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Thank you Lord, for the family and friends you have given me, for the crazy job, and most of all for being with me through it all.

There are things to be thankful for if we just stop and look. Yeah, yeah, I know that we should be thankful for breathing, and walking, and clothes, and family, and all that great stuff, but what about the crazy day with too many children and not enough patience.   The daily stuff is what's so stink'n hard, and yet it has Your beauty in all of it. The whining of my three yr old, the 4th dirty diaper in an hour, even the husbands dirty socks left under the coffee table have the glow of You.  Can we be thankful for yelling at our kids, for seeing the pain and heartache in the world?  No, I don't think anyone is Thankful for their shortcomings, but please remember that without them we would not have a need for a savior.  We would have no need for anything but ourselves, because we would fill all our needs.  So in a way I am thankful for my shortcomings.  Pride comes before a fall, but if we remember how far we are from perfect, I think we might just see things closer to the way God does.  I am thankful this Thanksgiving that God made us the way He did, and that He gave us the gift of salvation to remedy that fact.
Happy Thanksgiving