Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What a great Easter Weekend

Dustan and I had a great weekend! On Friday we had a "quite" night at home with the amazing Sherlock Homes played by Robert Downing Jr. and Saturday morning Dustan went to work "Football Practice", while I worked in the yard (yaha for Spring). That afternoon we took a trip to Ikea in Frisco to see some friends that had traveled in from Arkansas to shop the amazing store that is seems to never end-- (Lissa and Erik so awesome to see you guys)-- Then we traveled on down to Garland to see my folks and spend the night so we could wake up Easter Sunday with them. I happened to be awake when the Easter Bunny came by with my basket, and it seemed to look alot like my mother:)... Church was (as always on Easter morning) an adventure, and when we got home eggs were waiting to be decorated. Dinner was fantastic - I really love it when I eat a home cooked meal I did not have to make:), and then we had a hunt... if I do say so myself, even with my belly I was able to keep up, and get my fair share of the candy.
Thank you Jesus for giving the gift of your life so that we may live, and then having the power to rise on the third day... You changed everything.