Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday School

Yesterday at Church I taught the 3-4 Sunday School lesson.
We had 5  little ones in the class, and had a great time.
One part of the lesson stuck in my mind.  The lesson was on Jesus' return to earth (in Revelation). I asked the kids what they thought heaven would be like, and you could have heard crickets chirping.  So, I asked what they would say to Jesus if they saw or met him, still no response. Then I asked what they might give Jesus if they met him.  This question I did get a response from.  They might give him a cake or a puppy, or even a  hug.
This got me thinking what would I give Jesus if I saw/met him?
At first I am silent like my little ones in the class were. I just don't know.  Then I start to think, wait I meet Jesus every day. What do I give him, or do I even notice him? There are many "Sunday School" answers that come to my mind, but truly, what does he desire of me?  What does he want from me, and will I give that to him?
All I feel capable of doing is calling out, "Help me be more like You, I am your's!".  That sad un-elegant prayer is probably a more true statement right know than anything else I can say, and the only thing I am capable of giving my Savior.
I hope each of those precious children grow to give their lives daily to Christ, and encourage others to do the same.

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  1. Well said, Joanna! Love you so much.....Momma :)